At Oldfield, we hugely believe in celebrating stories from those that inspire us, in all walks of life, whether that be explorers off the beaten track, or crafts people and businesses trying to shine through the noise.

A couple of close friends began their journey into the world of business, spying a gap in the coffee market for something special. We sat down with co founders Jamie and Warren of Wylde Collective, a sustainable lifestyle brand with a focus on speciality coffee, who told us all about their journey into the world of coffee.

When Jamie finished up his degree in zoology in Cornwall, surrounded by a booming beach side coffee culture, he felt it was his time to join the speciality movement. Drowning in the never ending academia that his degree required, he was pulled into the local coffee shops in an attempt to avoid a stress induced meltdown. Tasting coffees from around the world, brewed in a whole host of ways. The effect and combination of these different processes and beans blew Jamie’s mind.

After one of their routine catch ups, Jamie and Warren threw some ideas around about starting a business. They pair wanted to marry their love for the environment and their need for coffee, using the outdoors as their foundation to create a coffee company with a difference. They wanted to encourage a culture of supporting local independents, innovating with new ideas and reconnecting to the environment on our doorstep. A rela community brand.

A few months later, Wylde was born. On a brisk winters afternoon in the woods nearby, with a stove top set up to enjoying some locally roasted speciality coffee. Jamie tells us how he began brewing a few cups under the shelter of the trees, and wrote some blog articles about the experience online, advocating a slower, more fulfilling way of life.

“One element we believed in strongly, is transparency. Everything we buy has a story. We feel it’s necessary to understand the entire supply chain and the journey through which a product has travelled before it reaches our hands. We really want to convey this with our coffee, and any other products we sell. Our supporters should know their money is contributing to a supply chain of the highest environmental and social standards.

A couple of years on from then and it’s impressive to see how far the lads have grown. Jamie & Warren began working with a local Merseyside roaster to share their own label of coffee, and crafts people supplying other related items. From here they have stepped into the offline world, opening their own brick and mortar space. A physical realisation of everything they have lived and breathed for the past two years.

In their new store Warren tells us how “we intend on working with as many local businesses as possible to bring back a sense of community that we feel society has been missing. Understandably a lot of people head for the more affordable larger corporations, when it comes to purchasing pretty much anything. So we chose to source our coffee from a Liverpool roaster, and our breads, pastries, cakes and tray bakes, all from local people, passionate about their craft.

I have been sitting in the Wylde Coffee store here in Heswall almost every day now since their launch, and it’s incredible to witness. Two gents, driven by a passion for the refined world of speciality coffee, welcomed into their new home, by friends old and new, because they are doing something different. Something you can’t stumble upon in a couple of days. Good things come to those who wait, and for these guys I really hope they have.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wylde, head on over to their website wyldecollective.co.uk, their Instagram,
or visit their store in Heswall at 86 Telegraph Road, CH60 0AQ.

Jamie wears the Farnborough in Graphite.
Warren wears the Kingston in Sandstone.

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