Our Story



Founded by a man with a life torn between two desires. With a childhood filled with memories of Summer road trips through the mountains scattered across Northern Spain, and Winter weekends away in the snow capped hills of North Wales, an attachment for the lesser known walks of life was inevitable.

Later life led to an intensely different way of thinking, one of passion and drive to promote a rapidly evolving menswear brand across the UK and Europe. While a truly inspiring and eye opening journey, sometimes there are feelings you can’t ignore. With the space needed to reconsider what was important in life, and an effort to help calm the unquenchable thirst for self sufficiency, Oldfield was born.

OIdfield is a continuation of our journey of discovery into the worlds of exploration and fabrication.


To unite a love for exploration and fashion, we hope to offer a collection that represents both style and utility in equal parts. Our young but developing range seeks to provide options for those looking for pieces that fit the needs of practical everyday use in the contemporary world, but with a styling and construction that nods back to the traditions and heritage that led us to where we are today.

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