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Founded by a man with a life torn between two desires. With a childhood filled with memories of Summer road trips through the mountains scattered across Northern Spain, and Winter weekends away in the snow capped hills of North Wales, an attachment for the lesser known walks of life was inevitable.

Later life led to an intensely different way of thinking, one of passion and drive to engage in a rapidly evolving menswear brand across the UK and Europe. While a truly inspiring and eye opening journey, sometimes there are feelings you can’t ignore. Life then followed an unexpected path and gave the space needed to reconsider what was important: a chance to calm the unquenchable thirst for independence and self sufficiency. The answer? Oldfield.

OIdfield is a continuation of our journey that began many years ago.
A journey of discovery into the worlds of exploration and fabrication.


When considering each piece in our collection, we hold great pride in being able to find utility and create product functionality, founded upon minimal design. It has felt natural to allow the design process to stem from the characteristics and timeless qualities of choosing to work with materials that have stood the test of time.

We focus on using materials that have been relied upon for centuries for utilitarian purposes. We embrace the qualities of these materials and aim to bring them into a contemporary environment, with a construction and detailing that solidifies each piece as an essential counterpart for everyday life.


With Oldfield being founded on stories that inspire we choose to produce a range crafted in a special environment. Choosing to celebrate those devoted to the passion they have for their craft, we make efforts to connect with workshops recognised for the love, care and attention they give to the beautiful materials they work with. Handling the materials that form the foundation of our range does require a certain level of refined craftsmanship, and looking to artisan makers around the world for production is something we are proud to embrace.


The life of Oldfield is just beginning and we have great hopes as to what lies ahead.
If you are interested in keeping an eye on our journey, have a look at our Instagram.
Until then, thank you so much for your support.

Waxed Cotton Canvas & Leather Backpacks & Weekender Duffle Bags | Mens Fashion Menswear Denim Rugged Style | Oldfield | Founded in Liverpool, England, Britain.


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