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The Kingston Hood Top Backpack has been built to last and to endure the unpredictability of life on the move.

Crafted with a heavy duty cotton canvas and leather, both with a weatherproof wax treatment, that not only functions well but ages well. We also combined the comfort of ergonomically designed shoulder straps and back panel to keep both traveller and their essentials at ease. Inside the hard wearing exterior, a drawstring closure secures an interior laptop sleeve and accessory pouches.

Colour: Moss Green
Also Available in Sandstone Brown & Graphite Black
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Wax treated cotton canvas & leather construction.


Designed to simplify life on the move, in the city or the country.


Over time a patina will develop unique to your experiences.


Adjustable shoulder straps & ergonomically cushioned back panel.

The Kingston uses rugged materials and construction, and a refined functional design, in an effort to embrace elements from early explore packs, while elevating the bag for a contemporary everyday carry option.

The large main entry to the bag is secured with a drawstring closure and strap down hood to keep your possessions safe while allowing easy access. Traditionally inspired but functional for contemporary usage patterns, the interior of the bag holds a 15” laptop sleeve, and holds various zip pockets and pouches inside and out to create a backpack that caters for organisation, security, and longevity.

The Kingston has been constructed using our signature densely woven cotton canvas and genuine cowhide leather detailing, which have both been given a wax treatment. A process designed to enhance, strengthen and stylise the pack, but crucially bring the bag a resistance to moisture. First appropriated by Scottish Mariners in the 1500s, waxed canvas has been a historically fundamental fabric for life in the outdoors, so it became a natural fit for our bags.

We look for materials that are rugged and durable, but it’s also crucial that they age well. Over time, the waxed cotton will soften and conform to the way in which you use it and a patina will develop. The combination of exposure to the hot sun, driving rain, and the movements of your body, will lighten the color in the creases of the waxed fabric to create your own unique wear patterns. It truly is a thing of beauty.

The cowhide leather detailing is again treated with a wax coating, which enhances the fibres of the leather for a soft touch and an increased durability and moisture resistance. Like the waxed canvas, with use a natural patina will form onto the leather, unique to your piece and the journey in which you travel.

The beauty achieved when combining waxed treated canvas & leather naturally commands a need for a specialist workshop with the experience needed to shape something special. However marrying up the rugged durability of waxed cotton & leather, with the design for comfort and flexibility needed from an everyday carry option, complicates the production process profoundly.

So the task of finding a production partner grew increasingly hard for us. After some time trying to figure out the impossible, we were introduced to a boutique workshop located in mainland China who have the experience required to specialise in crafting high quality bags using these difficult materials, who are able to produce unusually small production runs to support our early days business, and importantly have a full understanding of the value created from maintaining excellent conditions of work. As soon as the mail arrived delivering our first test sample we knew we made the best decision. In fact, with our first sample we had so much confidence in what we had, that later that day we officially launched Oldfield onto the web, and have since never looked back.

–  Hood top securing a drawstring cinch close top entry
–  Adjustable hood top strap closure
–  Internal sleeve fits most 15” laptops
–  Interior & exterior zip close pockets & pouches
–  Padded shoulder straps and back panel

–  High density waxed cotton canvas outer
–  Wax treated cowhide leather straps and detailing
–  Rust resistant alloy rivets and hardware
–  Padded shoulder straps & back panel
–  Soft padded cotton canvas back panel
–  Soft touch polyester cotton interior

Colour: Graphite Black
Also Available in Sandstone Brown & Graphite Black
Capacity: 17 litres
Dimensions: 45 x 38 x 10 cm
Weight: 1.3kg
Origin: China

Waxed Cotton Canvas and Leather Backpack Rucksack - Menswear Denim Rugged Style Flatlay - The Kingston in Moss by Oldfield
Waxed Cotton Canvas and Leather Backpack Rucksack - Menswear Denim Rugged Style Flatlay - The Kingston in Moss by Oldfield

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